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06 February 2018Great Tarts in Art: High Culture and the Oldest Profession
03 October 2017"Not bloody likely" - The Marketing of Covent Garden 1600 - 2000
14 February 2017India: Mughal art and intrigue; and the British contribution to Indian history

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Great Tarts in Art: High Culture and the Oldest Profession Linda Smith Tuesday 06 February 2018

This study day examines the portraits and careers of some of history's most notorious mistresses and courtesans in order to take a light hearted look at changing attitudes to sexual morality down the ages. It also charts the rather complex and ambiguous attitudes of art and society towards the numerous and anonymous working girls at the lower end of the scale.

The talk is very much a social history: carefully placing the works of art in their proper historical context, which reveals many little nuances and meanings in well-known works which might not otherwise be immediately apparent to the modern eye. It is, of course, also full of scandalous stories and anecdotes.

Linda Smith is a well-qualified art historian with a broad range of knowledge, and a special interest in British art, and the art of the twentieth century.

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