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20 March 2018Mars and Muses - The Renaissance Art of Armour
17 April 2018Sutton Hoo and the Golden Age of Old England
15 May 2018The Most Infamous Family In History: The Borgias
19 June 2018Annual General Meeting followed by Velazquez - The Great Magician of Art

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Mars and Muses - The Renaissance Art of Armour Dr Tobias Capwell Tuesday 20 March 2018

Armour was one of the great Renaissance art-forms, but today it is usually overlooked by art historians, scholars and enthusiasts. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries almost all of the richest, most powerful noblemen in Europe could be counted as dedicated patrons of the armourer’s art. This was an intensely personal art, both expressive and decorative. Its essence was the creation of a living sculpture, a process which demanded not only fantastic skill in the sculpting of iron and steel, but also mastery of all decorative techniques available to the Renaissance metalworker. The achievements of virtuoso master armourers like Kolman Helmschmid, Konrad Seusenhofer, Filippo Negroli, Pompeo della Cesa and Jacob Halder were not however just about splendour and richness. They also embodied more complex messages, about status and the social order, divine power, and attitudes and identities.